There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a pike follow a jerkbait or fly — and then it bites nice and hard, and the real fight starts!

The pike fishing in Stege, north of Møn, is world-class and definitely worth a visit.

However, the fishing can be just as good or better in the Stege Bay, so you won’t want to miss out on that, either.

There are also other great seas and brackish water areas for fishing, like the Præstø Fjord, the Maribo Lakes, and commercial waters.

Pike fishing in brackish water and lakes is always a real thrill.

Most of this is done from boats, and the experience of having a pike follow and bite is absolutely fantastic.

Whether it’s with jerkbaits, flies, plugs, wobblers, or live bait, pike fishing is always incredible.

I’m also pleased to say that I won the Brakvandscup (“Brackish Water Cup”) in 2013 in pike, and placed second in perch.

Problems with your commercial waters. I’ve fished in most of Sjælland’s lakes successfully, so if you need us to crack the code, we can take a tour around your commercial waters.

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