Sea trout

Sea trout tours throughout Sjælland, the Danish islands, and southern Sweden. I do most of my fishing in the Ise Fjord, Roskilde Fjord, Stevns, and Møn.

Using both spinning lures and flies.

Sea trout fishing in Sjælland and the islands is probably Denmark’s best.

From the coast, tours can be for 1 to 15 people, and there’s time for 2 to 4 spots per day.

I fish a lot, so I’m always up to date on where the fish are biting at different times of the year.

From a boat, there’s room for 1 to 3 guests and your guide. In that case, we’re quite mobile, so we can reach many more spots in a single day, as well as the small islands and reefs that are normally out of reach for coastal fishermen, giving you the most fishing without too much travel time.

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